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Sell a House With Termite Damage


Do not judge the termite by its size – these small, destructive insects like to live in large groups and do more damage to the home than the youth home party. Not to mention that almost everywhere: termites live in 49 of the 50 U.S. states. And there are no less than 2,000 species of termites known in the world.

Does the sale of your home also create an opportunity when termites start to attack you? “Almost every house in South Florida has a history of ants or termites,” says Eddie Blanco, a salesman in Hialeah, Florida. “That didn’t stop him from running more than 1,900 real estate deals in his career.

So, when you sell an ant-damaged house, there is still hope! You have found several options depending on the severity of the disease: Discover known issues, repair any rust damage, and sell your house in an open market with a warranty. Skip negotiations and repairs – instead, sell your house “as is” to the buyer. Let’s connect both routes and how we can proceed better, right?

How to Detect Termites Before They Pick Them Up: The importance of getting them early.

The National Pest Management Association estimates that termite damage costs the US $ 5 billion a year. If you don’t catch termite issues early, or put in place protective measures, your house (and wallet) could be in trouble.

In most cases, you will see evidence of termites themselves before they can detect the damage they have done. When they give birth in the spring, you may find wings or small carcasses in your home. Besides, the damage you see could be “anything from a basic tunnel they put in the forest you see, to small holes” says Blanco.

The mud tubes running through the soil and wood of your home are not a sign that the underground termites have taken over the store where you live, and they can eat away at your property. So, if you have a little suspicion that something might be wrong – ignore it. If left untreated, termites can weaken the wood in your home enough to cause them to fall in severe cases. But with early detection, you can spend less than $ 1,000 on treatment and save your home from these invading little insects.

How to Sell your Home with Termite Damage in an Open Market

happy sellers sold their home with termites

Depending on the size of the damage to your home, you may be able to sell it in the open market like any other house (and even call it its full market price), as long as you take appropriate steps to disclose known issues, make necessary repairs, and issue a warranty. While the term “termite infestation” may frighten consumers, you can take steps as a seller to alleviate their concerns with a few common procedures:

1. Pay for Insect Inspection

If you suspect that there are hints of termite damage in your home, it is wise to take them out for a pest test. “You can start by identifying these problems, and then you don’t have a buyer who identifies you after negotiating a contract,” Blanco said. “You have to deal with these issues before you are listed on the house.” 

You may already be considering pre-list testing for your home, but pest testing is a completely different process. Or you can crawl around the foundation of your house with a flashlight, you should hire an expert to do it. It’s hard to see the first signs of an untrained eye infection, but an insect inspector will pass outside your house to check for any signs of unwanted critics. At the end of the test, they will also provide a report including the following steps you can take as a homeowner to solve or prevent pest problems.

Find a good insect inspector and ask the right questions — and you may be in a strong position as a salesman behind the truth.

2. Identify Known Issues (even if you are not legally required).

Whether it is legally required or not (depending on where you live), you should point out the termite damage. Regardless of its legitimacy, letting customer know about pest problems in advance saves you from potential litigation. “You shouldn’t try to hide the termite news,” Blanco said. Instead, be specific about the extent of the damage to your customers, as well as what you can do to combat it.

3. Take Precautions and Repairs Before Taking the Home to Market.

When caught within a year, the termite injury does not have to be a break. According to HomeAdvisor, the national cost of termite treatment is $ 525, and most treatments will fall within the range of $ 217- $ 868. The most involved procedures, including tent placement and full scale, can work between $ 1,200 to $ 2,500 or more in extreme cases.

Without treatment, there may be some damage to your home that needs immediate attention. According to national pest experts at Orkin, “It is rare but possible for some species of termites to damage the house irreparably if the attack is stopped and untreated for many years.”

3. Pay Attention to the Symptoms

sell your house with termite damage

It would be almost impossible for a homeowner to attack an incurable area – the symptoms of the damage will often be even in the untrained eye. Keep your eyes open for these symptoms of termite trouble:

  • Dark or black spots: Changes in the floor may indicate that the termite is under your soil. In some cases, these outbreaks can be likened to water damage.
  • Empty wood: If you knock on the door of a wooden house in your home, and it sounds as if it were empty, termites maybe chewing on your walls or buildings.
  • Wings: After the termites have infested or migrated to build a new colony, they will shed their wings. You can find this in the access points of your home.
  • Tubing: Underground termites come from underground, and it is possible to build structures of small tubes as they emerge and meet in the food source, aka, your home. These mud tubes, about the width of a pencil, can be found outside your home.
  • Droppings: Termites are known for cleaning up small insects, and they will dispose of their dung without causing any damage.

Look at the dung eye; “You’ll see small pellets that are a brown circle bed,” Blanco said. These layers can look like bins, or even coffee grounds says the national pest control service.

Some adjustments are small enough that a simple hardener and a simple sealant will do the trick. If your entry is important enough to ensure further repairs, you will need to replace parts of the wood that have been damaged by termites, or install wooden support next to the damaged wood, according to Orkin experts. Another simple and inexpensive option is to install the supporting wood on the damaged parts.

If the integrity of the home structure is weak, the necessary repairs can be very difficult. If your property is experiencing significant structural damage, you may need to:

  • Fix the fence to your home
  • Re-insert the partition into crawling areas or upstairs
  • Prepare and clean small areas of overcrowding
  • Replace drywall

These services can range from $ 500 up to $ 6,000, according to HomeAdvisor, depending on the severity of the damage to your home. Remember that before you go inside with a contractor when repairing, you will need to get rid of a good infection (make sure you get a clean health certificate from a professional insect inspector).

5. Provide a Warranty to Bring Peace of Mind to Potential Buyers

Terminal repairs and treatments usually come with a full-year warranty that can be passed on to the customer at the time of purchase. This warranty, while acknowledging the history of termites at home, assists with the sale and shows potential buyers that the home is well maintained. Investing in termite controls and a guarantee that your home is worthwhile says Blanco: “I would say is worth the cost of treatment otherwise. That money the buyer knows he will not have to spend.

6. Negotiate the Price as Needed.

Proof of treatment and repair, accompanied by a termite warranty, puts you in a strong position when it comes to selling your home. “Some buyers may try to negotiate a price depending on the extent of the damage, but it is not uncommon to see a buyer leave the property in terms of termites alone,” Blanco said. “I have never seen home sales fail because of termite damage. The damage is not so serious as to prevent the actual operation. ”


In the case of a minor infection, or an easy injury to treat, exposing ants to potential buyers is not a kiss of death. Instead, comprehensive documentation of the problem and repair, including medical evidence and warranty can make you look good as a retailer, assuring consumers, they need it.

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