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Sell Your House with Bad Tenants!

Awful tenants? Is the expense and hassle of your home no longer worth the return? We’ll buy your rental house fast. No fees. No hassle. No delays.

    We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

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    we buy houses with bad tenants

    Renting your home can fetch you extra income— or loads of headaches, depending on your tenants. If you are currently dealing with the latter, we can help. Managing terrible tenants could be burdensome. Sometimes, they fail to pay rent; other times, they pay late or go on a ruinous rampage destroying your home. The worst part is evicting such tenants could get messy. Besides bad rentals, taxes and housing maintenance could be overwhelming. We can help you get rid of your house seamlessly. How? Simple; we’ll buy it. Occupied or not.

    We buy houses with bad rentals in California

    Are you a tired landlord?

    We are ready to buy your house now. So, if you want to sell your home fast and for cash, we are game— even if the tenants haven’t left your house! Yes, you read that right. We Buy California Houses For Cash buys properties as is, including rental houses. Moreover, we will buy the house regardless of any damage the tenants have caused. 

    We want to buy your home as-is and pay cash for it. Who says you have to endure bad tenants? If you contact us now, you can get rid of your problematic home by next week. 

    At We Buy California Houses for Cash, we strive to help you save money, effort, and, most importantly, time. You don’t need to pay commissions or closing costs.  Moreover, we’ll deal with tenants or squatters and take care of all your tenants belongings while you steer clear of any property worries. 

    Get Rid of Destructive Tenants Today!

    You don’t have to deal with bad tenants, costly repairs, or house maintenance. We’ll ease all your worries by buying your home without any repairs. Ready to sell to a top cash home buyer in California? Contact us today!

    We buy your Rented house the easy way

    Free Consultation 

    When you contact us, we’ll inspect your property to provide you with a fair cash offer on your house.

    Firm cash offer

    We’ll make a firm, fair cash offer based on our detailed comparative market analysis and other in-depth research.

    Quick Close

    We close fast or slow whenever you want. One week or 6 months. 

    Sell your rental house the easy way– with no hassle. Just contact us through our property form or a phone call. Our agents will reach out to get more information about your rental property. We’ll conduct detailed market research to discover the current price of houses in your area and draft a fair cash offer. Furthermore, we’ll organize inspections and prepare a purchase agreement when you accept our offer. Relying on your preferred closing date, we close fast and pay cash while you hand over the keys. You can consider your rental house sold! That’s all– no hassle, no commissions. You’ll walk away fast with cash in hand. No bad tenants or property maintenance!

    Can I Sell A House With Sitting Tenants?

    Yes. But the difficulties involved in evicting a problem tenant is a turn-off for most buyers. They can’t renovate or move into the new house until the tenant has been evicted– legally. That’s where it gets tricky.

    Fortunately, tricky situations don’t make us panicky; we eat them for lunch. Simply put: we’ll buy your house with the problematic tenants without hassle. If you want to sell your home with bad tenants, We Buy California Houses For Cash can offer a few distinct privileges that traditional agents can’t afford.


    Stop struggling with destructive tenants!

    You don’t have to deal with bad tenants, costly repairs, or house maintenance. We’ll ease all your worries by buying your home without any repairs. Ready to sell to a top cash home buyer in California? Contact us today!  

    What Types Of Houses Do We Buy?

    Probate or not; we buy inherited properties. Experience a better way to sell today!


    Pay down your debt and avoid foreclosure today


    When has rental ever been a problem? We’ll buy your rental house immediately


    Duplex? Condominium? Single-family? We buy all kinds of houses.


    Costly repairs is a huge burden– but we can handle it. Can you?


    sell your house fast with bad tenants

    Bad tenants refused to leave? No worries!
    We’ll buy it regardless.

    Buying rental properties isn’t a one-time off for us. Simply put, we’ve been helping landlords for years– we are professionals. That’s why we have an experienced team of real estate experts across California, ready to help you through your home-selling journey.

    In fact, we will do all the leg work for you. So, skip all the negotiations, eviction hassle, and any back and forth with negotiations. We are your go-to buyer, ready to buy your house for cash without any hassle.


    Sell your house to us and forget about your rental issues

    Is your home gradually becoming a burden? Maybe it’s time to let go. From ensuring your home meets the legal standards to dealing with destructive tenants, being a landlord could be tiring. For instance, the upkeep could get overwhelming. Plus, some tenants cause extreme damages that could leave you high and dry (especially when you are going through a financial strain). 

    If your rental property isn’t worth all your effort anymore– it’s probably time to move on. Luckily for you, we would gladly take your rental issues out of your hands! We’ll send you a fair cash offer on your home and buy it within 7 days. 

    You don’t have to deal with delinquent tenants anymore! Get a cash injection for your complicated house and claim your peace of mind.


    What Are My Options Dealing With Bad Tenants?

    You have three main options when you are stuck with a problem tenant. You can either wait out the tenancy period or sell with the tenants in. And like every choice we have to make in life, each has its fair share of pros and cons. 

    Some tenants are so awful that even after an expired tenancy, they would refuse to leave. But if you are lucky, you can get rid of the tenant after the lease agreement expires.


    • You’ll have more time to spruce up the house after the tenant leaves.
    • In a hot market, selling with tenants might be difficult or non-beneficial.


    • You have to endure the bad tenant for an extended period.


    • You can quickly get rid of the tenant (they stop being your problem when you sell)
    • A homely place makes it easy for buyers to picture themselves living in the house during staging.


    • A disgruntled tenant will make staging difficult.

    A professional cash home buyer like We Buy California Houses For Cash can make a bad tenant’s trouble immediately disappear.

    The benefits are

    • You’ll get a fair cash offer
    • Staging isn’t necessary; we’ll buy the house as is
    • No hassle.

    We Buy Houses As-Is With Tenants!

    If the thought of retiring from being a landlord has crossed your mind, we are here to help you move on with your life. As cash home buyers, we’ll ensure you get an honest valuation and draft a fair cash offer for your house.

    Do you have things you’d rather do besides going after delinquent tenants and shelling out thousands for repairs? That’s why we’ll relieve you of all your worries so you can follow your dreams. And if you need a cash injection for an investment, we are your best bet. We’ll pay you cash within a week, and you won’t break a sweat. Complete our contact form now, or give us a call to get a fair cash offer.

      We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

      Sell my house now! Get started by completing this form.
      Or, call (510) 954-8857.