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We Buy California Houses For Cash!

We buy California houses as-is in ANY condition. We pay cash and we close fast! No Fees. No Commissions. No Repairs. Get fast cash for your California home and skip the stress of selling the old way!

Request a free, no-obligation all-cash offer for your house today!

Veteran Owned We Buy Houses Company

    We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

    Sell my house now! Get started by completing this form.
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    “I need to sell my house fast for cash in California!”

    Here’s how our home buying process works in 3 EASY STEPS…

    step one to sell your house - call us
    call We Buy California Houses for Cash today.

    step 1


    step two to sell your house - receive our guaranteed cash offer
    get a free no-obligation cash offer for your house

    step 2


    step three to sell your house - accept our offer and get cash at closing
    get cash for your house in California

    step 3


    As California family home buyers, we buy houses in California for cash. This means you don’t have to worry about financing or loan hold-ups when you sell to us. We’ll conduct a property assessment and draft a fair offer for your house.  We’ll close at a reputable title company and pay you cash. Probate home, foreclosed house, vacation property–as a local cash house buyer, we buy them all fast and for cash. That’s what makes us one of the best cash for houses buyers.

    Our California Home Buying Mission


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    Sell Your House Fast California!

    Selling your California property through real estate agents is difficult– especially when you need to sell fast. A better alternative would be cash companies. So, if you need to sell your California home, we would love to provide you with a fast and fair cash offer. 

    Why live another day with the stress and frustration your unwanted house gives you? Or why spend months trying to sell a home when you can sell quickly? We’ll buy your house fast with zero hassle.

    When you contact us, we’ll make a detailed analysis of your house’s condition and other variables. Afterward, we’ll draft a fair cash offer without any commitment. 

    Owners decide to sell their houses for many reasons. Whatever your reason for selling your house in California, sell your house as-is to us! 

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    We Buy California Houses Fast!

    We can make it your “sell my house for cash” experience easy. Even if agents fail to sell your house, sell your California house fast to us. As cash house buyers, we can buy your house for cash. First, we make a proper valuation, afterward, you get a fair price offer, in minutes. 

    • You don’t need to clean.
    • No repairs required
    • You won’t waste time finding a real estate agent to sell
    • Choose your closing date
    • We pay your moving costs!


      We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

      Sell my house now! Get started by completing this form.
      Or, call (510) 954-8857.



      Why Should I Sell My House Fast In California To You?

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      Selling With Estate Agents

      Sell To A Top Cash Home Buyer In California

      Get Cash For Your Home in California


      We are professional local California cash buyers. Hence, we’ll learn about you and your house’s current condition. Our services aren’t for all homeowners. Hence, we’ll let you know if you’d benefit more from a different selling option.

      Fast Close and Payout

      Typical home sales take forever to close. But, we are investors, so we can open and close escrow ASAP. As a result, you can get cash for your home quickly with no stress.

      Seamless Home Sale

      Want to skip the traditional route’s hassle and headaches when selling your house? Great! You can count on us. We aim to make life better and easier for you. Contact us to trigger our simple 3-step house buying process– no obligation.

      Fair Cash Offer

      We never give out a cash offer we aren’t proud of. You can compare our cash offer to other “we buy houses” companies– we’ll definitely beat it. We won’t waste your time by lowballing you.

      No Repairs

      Listed your rundown home on the open market with poor results? Sell your house swiftly to us as-is! You don’t need to repair your house or repaint it! We’ll send you a fair cash offer as-is!

      No Cleaning

      Sell your house without cleaning! We buy houses as-is– that includes dealing with the trash. We’ll have that removed ourselves!

      As investors, making a profit during a home sale is essential, but not at your expense! We help homeowners in bad situations get a fresh start!  We’ve worked with several sellers struggling with tricky situations. As a result, we have the expertise to make selling fast seamless for you!

      Local California Cash Home Buyers

      Get Fast Cash For Your House in California!

      Does your house keep you up at night? As premier property buyers in California, we work with homeowners to resolve their real estate issues. In some cases, we buy your houses but in all cases, we advise you on your top options. If you decide to sell your home to us, you’re signing up for simplicity, surety, and speed. We want to buy your house in any condition without any hassle. We’ve handled just about any kind of situation- that’s a big reason we are top cash house buyers in California. You can sell your house to us in any of these situations:

      A house in disrepair is a hassle. From flooring to plumbing to mold remediation–you can shell out thousands of dollars to repair a rundown house. Is it worth the hassle? If you answered no, you might as well sell the home fast.  We’ll buy your house even when it hasn’t been renovated. Even if the house is in terrible shape and no other buyer has offered to purchase it, we’ll take it off your hands! Let’s send you a fair offer fast for your house today.

      Do you need to leave your house fast to follow your post retirement dreams? We’ll buy it fast and with ease. Don’t spend your golden years worrying over a listed home! Sell your house quickly to us without any commission or extra expense. Is your finance strained? We’ll help you out of every stressful realty problem and buy your home faster than you can imagine. Sell your house fast for cash, and you won’t waste time sorting through years of clutter!

      An inherited home could be burdensome. Are you REALLY ready to handle stressful property problems like title issues, probate, and multiple heirs? If you don’t want to experience such hassle, sell your home to us fast to us. Our deals are slightly negotiable, and we won’t charge you for commissions. Buying such complicated properties is our business– we’ll take care of it while you do your business! Get a cash offer from us now. We’ll buy your house so fast it would seem like you inherited cash!

      Renting out your home is a great business–until it’s not. Tenants who owe rent, damage your house, or pay late is bad for business. If you are stuck in such rental arrangement, we promise we can help! Sell your rental house fast & for cash to us!  We have experience dealing with bad tenants. We’ve purchased houses from tired landlords in several cities including Los Angeles for several years. So, we have the process down pat. Are you a tired landlord? “Sell my home fast” to us today! You can get rid of tenants’ troubles– in as little as a week. We’ll draft a fair offer for you in 24 hours and initiate our fast process.

      Do you find yourself losing sleep due to fear? Let’s buy your house fast. As a we buy houses company, we can deliver on the promise to buy fast for cash. Why host showings weekly when we can buy your property fast now? You don’t want to spend considerable time trying to sell such house on the open market. Hence, your options are pretty limited. In this case, working with a reliable cash home buyer in California is better. When you reach out to us, we write a fair cash offer for your home after we’ve inspected it. And close quickly or slowly based on your schedule.

      Do you find yourself losing sleep due to fear? Let’s buy your house fast. As a we buy houses company, we can deliver on the promise to buy fast for cash when you need to sell your house. Why host showings weekly when we can buy your property quickly now? You don’t want to spend considerable time trying to sell such house on the open market. Hence, your options are pretty limited. In this case, working with a reliable cash house buyer in California is better. When you reach out to us, we write a fair cash offer for your home after we’ve inspected it. And close quickly or slowly based on your schedule.

      While going through a divorce, the last thing your need is a listing agreement binding you to a realtor. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to go through all the detailing required to sell your home on MLS. If you need to liquidate your asset during a divorce, we can help! We are not ibuyers or agents. But we are real estate investors interested in buying your home in any condition. Our aim is to get you out of your current condition fast. Drafting an offer for a house typically takes us 24 hours. If you accept our offer, we’ll close fast and pay you cash for your house. Are you going through a divorce? Get it done and over with today. Sell your California property to one of California’s top cash home buyers.

      Drowning in a sea of unpaid taxes or code violation fines? Right before it spirals out of control, sell your house fast & for cash!  Over and over, several owners have told us how we bought their house fast, the easiest way. We’d love to add you to the list of happy homeowners. With our help, you will get a fresh start and move on with your life. Need to sell a house with code violations and tax liens? Come straight to We buy California Houses For Cash, and we’ll close quickly on your schedule.

      Have you listed your house on the open market and failed to sell? We can help. If you’ve waited for a buyer and none showed up, it’s time to try other options! We are your go-to cash house buyer when you need a fast cash sale for your house.  This means we can guarantee a timely intervention and buy your house fast for cash without any hassle.  We don’t even mind if it’s not in great shape. We buy all kinds of houses at the national level.

      Where We Buy Houses

      We’ve been buying homes in California for years. And since then have helped thousands of owners sell their houses fast, the easiest way– even in the bay area. Over time, our range has extended across California.

      Sell to us in these cities and more:

      Riverside, Piedmont, San Diego, Balsamo, Sacramento, Stockton,   Alameda, Long Beach, Fresno, San Jose, Anaheim, Oak Land, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Berkley, Monterey, Orange.

      Sell Your Property In California today.

      We buy Houses For Cash As-Is in California.

      Sell without repairs, cleaning, and junk hauling

      You don’t need to lift a finger or spend any money. We are going to do all that anyways. We rent dumpsters and do trash out. We do all the repairs and upgrades. We love what we do, and the more work properties need, the better! We especially love demo work and taking the burden off our customers!

      We Buy Houses Like This In California
      after we flip houses

      If you have a home you want to revamp for a new family to enjoy, we would love to make you an offer without any obligation!

      Who Will Buy My House For Cash In California?

      We buy houses as-is and for cash across California. Although our headquarters are in Northern California, we have investor partners all over the state. When we buy houses for cash, we either keep it as a rental, sell it, or partner up to sell it. What we do with it depends on many variables, but the home always ends up with a new family that will enjoy it.

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      we buy houses in southern california

      We Buy Houses in California Common Questions

      A cash home buyer is the fastest way if you really want to sell your house. That’s because selling through realtors or FSBO entails several time-consuming and stressful variables.  We Buy California Houses For Cash is a top cash home buyer company in California. We’ll buy your property fast in as little as 7 days and create a cash offer for your home regardless of the condition, size, or kind! We even buy ugly homes. You don’t need to spend time marketing the property or repairing it.  Nor do you have to wait for lenders’ approval, which is prone to change. We offer the fastest and easiest way to sell your house fast with an unbeatable cash offer.

      For one, you can repair your house, make a couple of changes, work with a pricey but top estate agent, host more showings. However, these actions can only improve your chances of attracting potential buyers. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll sell your house fast.

      With us, it’s a different ball game. We are willing to use our rich resource bank to buy your home fast and resolve your real estate problems. Our simple process is as follows:

      • When you contact us, we’ll estimate your house.
      • You’ll get a cash offer from the local cash home buyers in California
      • We’ll close fast on the day you’d love to sell your house and pay you cash.

      Several cash home buyers are legitimate and have wonderful benefits to offer. But like every other industry, a couple of companies are scams looking to bag thousands. That’s why we suggest you ensure home buyers communicate each selling detail to you during the process.

      In addition, you need to read the purchase agreement thoroughly. Trust us; you don’t want to be locked in an agreement with a scam company waiting to slash the offer price after you’ve signed the deal.

      These are the things to look out for when checking for credibility:

      • A website with at least a testimonial and reviews to prove they have closed similar deals in your area.
      • Accreditation by Better Business Bureau
      • Zero contingency plans on purchase contract
      • Evidence of the amount paid in escrow
      • No expense paid by you, the seller
      • Buyers in question are the real buyers

      At We Buy California Houses For Cash, we help you sell your property quickly and pay you the offer price at closing. We are also deliberate about transparency throughout our home buying process. There are no obligations while selling your property to us.  Finally, we’ll handle the documentation, but you’ll have access to all the sale details.

      Yes, you can. However, you must explore alternatives if you want to beat the average time it takes to sell your home via the MLS.  You can sell your house fast for cash to top-rated cash home buyers. Local property buyers are willing to buy all types of houses, including a fixer, and adopt a quick response tactic to situations.

      Most of them will guide you through your real estate problems and offer friendly assistance without commission fees. That’s precisely what you will get with us. A quick cash sale, friendly customer service, zero charges, and a chance to move on with your life.

      Since we use our own money to buy your home for cash, we don’t wait for approval from banks or other sources. Hence, we can close and send your money in 7 days! That’s right, in just a week, we can close escrow. We work without any pressure because there are no worries about getting funded. In most cases, you will get a quotation for your property within 24 hours. By eliminating all the headaches of the traditional route, we fast-tracked the closing and payments significantly. As experts, we have a simple, well-defined process to purchasing houses for a fair price.

      Sell Your House Fast As-Is!

      Learn how to sell your home quickly. We made this video to help you quickly discover the key points when selling a house to us. We love helping homeowners so if you have any questions, concerns or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out. Even if we don’t buy your house, we can still help!

      Get Fair Cash Price For Your House

      Real 'We Buy Houses' Reviews.

      “We were so happy we found California Houses for Cash! They presented us an offer that was competitive with other companies that buy houses. But, they also offered to help us move, which was huge! We were worried about moving and we also didn’t know what to do with our stuff, since we were downsizing. As a bonus, they offered to take care of anything we didn’t want, which was a convenience and stress relief. From start to finish, working with them was smooth and easy and we closed with zero stress on our timeline.”