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We Buy Houses with Squatters!

Are your squatters recent move ins or are they bad tenants that just stopped paying? No worries, we’ve got this. Dealing with squatters on properties is our forte. We can help you, as we’ll buy your squatter house fast and pay cash!


    We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

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    sell your house fast with squatters

    Do you have tenants that stopped paying rent? Are you angry with them and stopped all communication with the bad tenants? Once tenants stop paying rent, they become squatters. If they have a lease agreement, they are in breach of contract. If their lease expired or they pay month to month, they are still squatters. We help homeowners by purchasing the house and handling the tenants ourselves. You don’t need to call the squatters or talk to them ever again!

    Leaving a house vacant may feel obscene and wasteful But, vacant homes also harbor crime. Besides that, squatters seek shelter in vacant homes. Some squatters are sophisticated enough to even claim tenant rights by showing the police a fake lease. Even worse, there is precedent of squatters claiming ownership (such as this court case). Squatters are not as harmless as you thought!

    The worst part is getting rid of squatters requires time and money. Squatters can be a lot to handle and may involve an attorney, a judge and a sheriff. If you plan to sell your home with squatters, we’ll buy it. We specialize in complicated housing situations. True to our words, we’ll buy your house with squatters.

    We can also sometimes skip the eviction process. We do this by reaching out to the tenants and offering them some cash to move out. This is called “cash for keys”. We knock on the door, meet them face to face, come to an agreement on the amount of cash and the time frame to vacate and make them sign it. If they don’t agree, we have an attorney that helps us start the eviction.

    Risks of Selling Squatter Houses

    Before deciding on a home-selling method for your squatter house, you should understand the risks. Four main risk factors loom while selling a squatter house. 

    Squatter properties are prone to damage. What happens if the squatter causes additional damage just before closing? Who bears the responsibility? This is a big problem and can kill most deals. We can always discuss options but obviously, a fast close is critical in these situations.

    We Buy Houses California For Cash buys squatter houses as-is, regardless of the condition. We know just how to handle squatters. In no time, the squatters will be our problem– not yours.

    An abandoned house often has cosmetic or structural issues. But with squatters camping there, the condition has probably escalated. Squatter houses are often a den for drug dealings, unhygienic, vandalized, and littered with rubbish. To sell the house on the open market, you may have to bear the cost of a professional cleaner and repairs.

    Yes, a section of the law serves as the light at the end of a tunnel for squatters. You may be shocked to realize squatters have some rights– but yes, they do.  So, there’s a slight possibility that the squatter has a right to claim your house according to the adverse possession law. Not a desirable situation, right? That is more reason you should act fast. Consult a real estate expert to ensure your home is either free from squatters or not claimable by the same.

    Squatter houses aren’t 100% safe until sanitary and security measures have been taken. A squatter could feel threatened during an unexpected showing and attack a prospective buyer. Besides, cleaning after a squatter could expose you to health issues due to poor hygiene. 

    That’s why you have to take precautions before selling a squatter home. Adequate preventive measures can protect you from getting sued for personal injury caused on your property!

    You are liable to disclose any information that could affect a prospective buyer’s decision to buy. Whether it’s about squatters or any other thing. However, disclosure laws differ in different jurisdictions. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the law’s position on disclosure in California.

    sell your house with squatters
    "We Buy California Houses For Cash came through for us by buying our house fast as is. They saved us from our complicated situation! My brother in law was renting our house for about 9 months and then he stopped paying. The prospect of evicting a family member was too difficult. California Houses for Cash came through and bought the house and they were the bad guys. It saved our family from a big feud!"
    Jennifer H., Oakland CA

    We make selling your property with squatters easy

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    That’s it. Hoarder property or not. Squatter house or not. Even downright ugly houses are that simple to sell with us. You’ll have access to a local purchasing agent to make the selling process effortless. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Free yourself from the burdens associated with squatters. And save yourself a court trip fighting for ownership; sell your house for cash to us today.

    Sell Your Squatter House For Cash In California

    Our renewed 3 steps process has worked in the worst conditions. Although we treat each condition differently, we have the process down pat. So, if you are tired of stressing over squatters on your property, make We Buy California Houses For Cash your first stop. You don’t have all the time in the world for the back and forth that ensues while selling on the open market.

    Moreover, only a few people buy a squatter home knowing the adverse possession laws. It’s a tough call. But we can buy your house now because we want it (as is). Ready to give up dealing with squatters forever? Let’s help you; we are one call away. 

    Let us worry about the squatters while you get cash for your home

    Sell your vacant home and forget the worries of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. From our experience, the mere prospect of staging a neglected home for sale is overwhelming. 

    Leave the structural and cosmetic issues to us. We’ll take care of the squatters as well. Here’s the deal we are offering you and your family. 

    Our team understands the sensitivity of squatters-related properties. We also know dealing with it is complicated. Now, we’ll offer you a smooth transition throughout this period. In essence, we have reliable funding strategies to stimulate quick purchases without delays. This means you don’t have to do a thing about that damaged bathroom and severed wiring. Just grab your phone, put a call across, and we’ll buy the house quickly as is. It’s that simple; you will get cash for the house at closing!

    A cash home buyer is just one of the selling options available to a homeowner with squatters. If you are planning to sell a squatter home, you may consider these home-selling options:

    This has got to be one of the most exhausting options. Although challenging, you can evict squatters with the help of law enforcement agents. But good luck with the mess they left behind and the maintenance troubles. That’s an entirely different ball game. You’d incur expenses on trash removal and dumpsters. That’s besides the structural and cosmetic repairs the house probably requires. Moreover, the environment might require some pest control and intense yard work. 

    Some real estate agents provide concierge services for hoarder houses and homes in terrible conditions. They fund the cleaning and repairs and rely on getting additional commissions for the expenses. This is a more hassle-free option, but it could be agonizingly slow. Another major catch is that only a few realtors offer concierge services.

    Although cash home buyers are a dime a dozen, few are willing to deal with abandoned hoarders’ homes and squatter houses. It could be a lot of hassle. However, we are experienced enough to look past the current condition of your house. Unfazed by the present situation, we deal with squatter houses often. 

    We are always conscious of hard deadlines. Hence, we strive to keep our sale timeline around 1 week. All you need to do is pick anything that matters to you (if there’s any), and we’ll buy the house. You don’t need to lift a finger!

    Your Options When Selling A Squatter House

    Squatters Rights In California

    In legal parlance, squatter’s rights refer to a potential right a person might acquire over real property through “adverse possession.” While the term “squatter’s rights” is colloquially used, the actual legal process is called adverse possession. In California, as in many states, it is possible for a squatter to legally claim a property if they meet certain conditions.

    Adverse Possession: A Brief Overview – Adverse possession allows an individual to gain ownership of a property if they’ve lived there and treated it as their own for a certain number of years, and the true owner didn’t intervene during that time. However, there are specific requirements to meet.

    Requirements for Adverse Possession in California:

    1. Hostile Claim: The squatter must possess the land without the legal owner’s approval, making their claim “hostile.”
    2. Actual Possession: The squatter must be physically present on the property and treat it as their own.
    3. Open and Notorious Possession: The squatter’s occupation of the property must be visible and obvious. It should be such that the true owner, by reasonable diligence, could become aware of it.
    4. Continuous Possession: In California, the squatter must continuously occupy the property for five years for the possession to be considered adverse.
    5. Pay Property Taxes: One unique aspect of California law is that the squatter must pay property taxes on the property for those five continuous years.

    If a squatter can prove all these elements in a court of law, they may be able to legally claim ownership of the property.

    Preventing Adverse Possession: For property owners concerned about the risk of adverse possession, it’s vital to routinely inspect and monitor their property. Taking action quickly, such as formally requesting the squatter to leave or taking legal action if necessary, can prevent a squatter from gaining rights through adverse possession.

    Conclusion: Squatter’s rights, or adverse possession, is a complex legal doctrine with a rich history in common law. Property owners in California should be aware of the requirements and the potential risks, especially if they own property that they do not regularly occupy or monitor. At the same time, it’s important to remember that the bar for adverse possession is high, ensuring that not just any squatter can easily claim another’s property as their own.

    We Buy Houses in California with Squatters

    We Buy California Houses For Cash buys all kinds of houses, including property with squatters. Our team understands how to evict squatters without complicating the situation. We know how to get around the situation and buy your house in its current condition. Get a fair cash offer by filling out the form below.

      We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

      Sell my house now! Get started by completing this form.
      Or, call (510) 954-8857.