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Sell your house regardless of condition.

We’ll buy your home as is, and you won’t pay a dime in repairs.

    We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

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    Selling A House That Needs Repairs

    Owning a house comes with its fair share of responsibilities and maintaining your home could be overbearing. When your home ages or gets converted to a rental, you never know what repair costs to expect. Some are minor preventative fixes, while others are costly. And since you can never tell when your wirings will spark dangerously or your AC will leave you hot and desperate, you need to be prepared to sell or shell out money for repairs. If the former seems more reasonable in your case, we’ve got the best solution: sell your home fast to us.

    We buy houses in any condition—no outrageous requests.

    Spending your life savings on house repairs isn’t the most exciting thing to do (far from it). If you can’t stomach the thought of spending another dollar on renovation, we’ll buy your house– in any condition. Regardless of how dire your home condition is, we’ll buy it fast and pay cash even if it’s on the verge of falling apart. Moreover, we’ll give you a fair cash offer for the house without lowballing you. 

    You don’t need to raise a finger or pay for any repairs when we buy your home for cash. All you need to do is accept our offer and walk away with cash after closing.

    Let’s do the leg work while you worry about other things like following your dreams! We’ll even take care of the escrow account and closing details. If you want a seamless trade of your house for cash, we are your go-to cash home buyer in California.

    When your home repairs become a burden, contact us immediately to save you time, effort, and money. If you are considering repairing the home yourself, check out ways to get money in grants to use funds for your home.


     Are you ready to stop paying thousands in repair costs? Give us a call at (510) 954-8857 or fill out the simple web form below. You don’t have to clean or do a thing. We want you to move on and have a fresh start while we revamp your home. Rest assured, we’ll deliver nothing short of excellence. Selling your house to us is seamless. We’ll buy your house FAST. No Hassle. No Commissions. We’ll make you a fair cash offer on the spot! Contact us today.


    Reach Out To Us

    We’ll get to know you and ask for details about your property.

    Fair Cash Offer

    No bait and switch or lowballing. Our offers are honest and transparent.

    Quick close

    You can customize the closing to suit your schedule. 

    Repair costs can rack up to thousands of dollars. But do you want to spend that much on your house? If you answered no, then sell it to us. We have bought several distressed homes in California, so we have the process pat down. And we know exactly what we need to do to buy a rundown house without any glitches or stress. But you have to make the first move by contacting us. 

    We’ll gather some information about your property on the spot. Afterward, you may send us pictures, or one of our purchase agents will visit to inspect the property. You will receive a fair cash offer based on the current market valuation. 

    Upon acceptance, we’ll draft a purchase agreement while we conduct other inspections to estimate the repair costs. We’ll open an escrow account in your name and set a closing date. After closing, we’ll pay you cash; just like that, you’ll be free from the worries of repairs. No paintbrush or drilling tool– no repair costs incurred. You’ll walk away with relief and reasonable cash to improve your quality of life. 

    Stop worrying about finding a buyer

    Selling a house in disrepair is an arduous task. First, you’d have to struggle to find a buyer who wouldn’t mind the condition. Negotiate back and forth to ensure you don’t get lowballed. And sell at an agonizingly slow pace. Or we can help you skip this process altogether.

    If you work with We Buy California Houses For Cash, you won’t need to find buyers. We are the actual buyers of your house, and we’ll provide a fair cash offer for it. You don’t have to pay commissions; we even pay the closing costs. How would you love to sell your rundown home without spending a cent? Great, right? Contact us through a property form or call us today. Let’s give you your dream selling process: No Headaches. No Fees. No Delays.

    The kind of houses we buy

    Do you REALLY want to endure construction for months while your account gets emptier by the day? Of course not! So, quit stressing over a problem house, and let’s help you to one more thing off your worry list. We’ll buy your home as is in any condition. When you sell your home to us, you can sit back and relax while we do all the groundwork. Here are the top repairs that spur homeowners to sell to us:

    Foundation repairs are expensive and could cost anywhere from $400 to $11,000! A foundation can get faulty if your house is located in an area where the soil contracts and swell during drought and rain. These changes affect your foundation immensely. 

    If you sell a home with a faulty foundation to us, we’ll buy it fast without any charges!

    Based on the local legal standards for houses, your water heater needs to be in excellent condition (especially for a rental home). A faulty water heater can cause a flood which could further damage your property. Repairing water heaters cost an average of $550 and $1000. 

    Fixing a water or fire-damaged home could rack up to $2000! So, if your home has been damaged by water or fire, we’ll buy it fast to avoid a deterioration that could lead to mold.

    A defective roof leaves your home exposed to other damages. That’s why it’s crucial to fix a roof issue without hesitation. However, a full replacement could cost up to $6000. But you don’t have to fix your faulty roof– we’ll buy the house from you fast and for cash. You won’t need to pay a dime.  

    Damaged septic systems create a huge mess– one you’d definitely not love to experience (gross)! Fixing it could cost about $1 488 on average. Except you decide to sell the house fast as is without dealing with the expensive repairs. 

    Water pipes and wirings are often located within the walls or underground, inaccessible to DIY enthusiasts. Yet leaving them unfixed is dangerous and exposes you to fire or flood. 

    However, fixing new pipes and rewiring are huge expenses. Are you willing to pay as much as $15 000 for rewiring? No? Great! We are willing to pay cash for your house despite the faulty wiring and pipes!

    Don’t take our word for it. See how we helped Heather’s family get rid of a stressful house.

    "My family inherited a probate house. It was full of stuff and in terrible condition; I knew selling it on the open market would be a hassle. So, we decided to sell to a cash home buyer. A family friend suggested We Buy California Houses For Cash, and they blew our minds. They questioned us for a while and sent us a reasonable cash offer. When we accepted it, they closed fast, and we handed over the keys. Guess what? We didn't have to sort through the accumulated clutter or clean or repair the home. Just like that, we sold the house fast as is and avoided the headache! We had cash in our hands in a couple of days! Thanks once again for helping us sell our home fast as is."
    happy seller Heather
    Heather H.

    We Buy Houses As Is. Fast!


      We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

      Sell my house now! Get started by completing this form.
      Or, call (510) 954-8857.