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How We Buy Houses In California!

Sell your house AS-IS in ANY CONDITION in California. Pay no fees or agents commissions. Our offers are 100% free.


    We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in California. We offer a fair price for your house with no obligation and no pressure! Start below or call us at 510-954-8857.


    How Our Home Buying Process Works

    get cash for my house

    Tell us about your house

    sell your California house for cash

    We contact you for a quick appointment.

    fast cash home sale in CA

    Get a fair, no-obligation cash offer

    get a fair cash price for your house

    If you accept, we’ll close fast in as little as 7 days

    What To Expect In The Next 24 hours: Once we have your property address, we can provide you with a cash offer within 24 hours. Sometimes we can send you a fair offer in as little as 8 minutes! To get the fastest possible bid, send us pictures so we can see the home’s current condition. Once you accept our offer, all hands will be on deck to provide a fast close within a few days. On average, it can take from 3 to 30 days to get the cash in your hand.

    Laid Back Way To Sell My House Fast California

    Sell My House Fast California Quick & Simple

    We buy houses across California. We are not Real Estate Agents. Hence, we do not list homes on the MLS. As real estate investors, we are the buyers. We also pay cash for houses, which means we can close fast. If you work with us, you get 100% of our offer. There are no fees, commissions, or closing costs involved.

    Selling to us is the opposite of selling with a local real estate agent. We buy houses CA quickly and make the process seamless.  We purchase distressed or ugly houses and resolve any issues or repairs. Even if you are dealing with private mortgage insurance or a hoarder home, we buy houses CA fast! Another highlight of working with us is that our clients don’t have to spend more money to sell burdensome houses fast at a fair price. 

    Finally, when you sell fast to us, it’s always on your terms. You even decide on the closing date.

    How do we buy houses?

    Getting a cash offer for your house is direct and easy! You can obtain a fair cash offer in three simple steps. Send us your home details. Answer some questions and receive a fair price for your California home. That’s our easy three-step house selling process. 

    Summarily, we buy houses in California, that’s it. No agents, fees, closing costs, or repairs. You don’t even have to deal with the nitty-gritty of a residential purchase agreement. Now, it’s easy to get confused with our process– especially if you are used to the fuss a real estate agent provides. Do you have important questions about our real estate transaction? Or inquiries related to how we buy houses in cash and how it works? 

    That’s not a problem. We’ve curated an all-inclusive list of the most FAQs to answer all your queries.

    Here are the most frequently asked questions:

    Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

    homeowners sell house fast in California

    How does our buying process work?

    Our process is structured to be simple. We provide you with a FREE cash offer with absolutely zero conditions attached! Here is how it works buying your California house.

    That’s how to get a no-obligation fair cash offer.

    we buy houses for cash California

    Variables that are considered for our free cash offers

    We are experienced at assessing house values professionally. That’s why we always provide the best possible quote. To provide you with the best offer, our team needs to take a look at some of your urgent needs:

    When you provide the answer to these questions, we will finalize our fair cash offer. No two houses come with the same conditions. As a result, we’ll only give a final firm quote after we’ve reviewed all the situations surrounding the sale.

    How do we calculate a cash offer?

    The question that plagues sellers when they must sell… “How much will I get for my house?” Well, we use a formula to calculate our offers. And, we disclose our formula for full honesty and transparency. We are nothing like cunning “we buy houses” companies that play tricks with sellers. Let us share the steps are involved, so you will get your answer. So let us look at a proper breakdown of how much we can pay for your house.

    Our Home Buying Formula

    Our formula simplifies our offers and uses four factors. We will cover each part. So, let’s look at the formula itself (and then some definitions).




    To explain further, ARV is the After Repair Value. This is the value of your home if there is no deferred maintenance and no repairs needed. It is the retail value of your house if the condition is move-in ready and shows well to prospective buyers.


    The repairs that a home requires to fetch ARV are subjective at best. The scope of work is not always easy to discover either. Sometimes, when changing flooring, foundation issues are discovered. When we remodel a bathroom, we may find plumbing issues. We work hard to inspect a home before buying it to mitigate risk and offer a better offer. The more confident we are about the repairs, the more we can offer. Worst case scenario, we have to add some ‘maybes’ into our offer, so we can plan some extra work ‘to be discovered.’


    There are many transaction costs, but they can be grouped into major categories. We have loan costs, which are paid to our lender. This would be 2-5% of our total costs on each rehab. The loan costs include loan origination fees and monthly loan payments, which are interest only. Realtor fees usually average 5%, of which half goes to the buyer’s agent. When everything is added up, transaction costs are estimated at 15% of our total cost.


    Naturally, we must make money to continue marketing and supporting our families. Our profit on our flips can range, but we always hope for a 15% profit. This gives us some price protection as well. If we go over budget and still make 10%, we are ok. One major surprise can wipe out half of our profit, so we must be cautious. We can’t always get an accurate repair estimate, especially in hoarder situations. We always use conservative numbers, but our profit estimate of 15% alleviates the stress of not knowing everything when we buy your California home.


    Once we add up our transaction costs and combine that with our minimum profit, we get about 30% between those two. So, an easy simplification of our formula is ARV – 30% – Repairs = Fair All Cash Offer. Our offers are always firm and never have anything hidden in them. We are a buy houses company that ensures that what we offer you is what you get. You don’t have to pay brokers’ fees or any commissions. We pay for everything, and you get a check for that full amount. This is the appeal of selling to cash buyers. See what we can offer you for your house…

    What details do we look at?

    How long does the process take?

    We close as fast as we can! We try to anticipate obstacles to this, and we handle any issues as they arise. We work tirelessly and stay invested in delivering on our promise to close fast.

    Once you accept our offer, we get to work. We collect everything the title company requires; this includes our agreement to purchase and our EMD (Earnest Money Deposit). We address any issues that we are aware of at that time. We want to anticipate any problems before they can cause a delay in closing fast.

    The title company works to confirm that the title is clear and transferable. If there are any issues with the title, they will need to be resolved before we can close. On our end, we secure our funding and conduct any inspections on the property. We may bring a few partners and contractors to confirm the property’s condition.

    The moment you were waiting for has arrived! We close on your home, and you get your cash! The entire process can take as little as 7 days. The average transaction will close within 2-4 weeks due to issues with the title. But each transaction leaves both the buyer and the seller satisfied.

    Can I Sell My Ugly House In California?

    Of course, you can sell your house swiftly if managing it is a hassle. Selling to us doesn’t require fulfilling any obligations. Just call us, and we’ll send you a fair cash offer for your home. Is the house full of stuff and dirty? You don’t have to hire cleaners or renovate. We’ll buy as-is. There are reasons that homeowners choose to sell a house to us and not list it with a real estate agent.

    If you are interested in getting your free offer, please contact us today!