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About We Buy California Houses For Cash.

    We buy CA houses in ANY condition.

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    We Buy Houses CA For Cash

    Looking for company that can buy your California house for cash? Good thing you found us. We Buy California Houses For Cash is a solutions cash buyers company that helps sellers escape terrible real estate issues. With an extensive experience in the California housing market, we offer fair cash offers with no obligation and fast closing. Furthermore, we can quickly decide whether a house meets our buying criteria or not(most homes do). Consequently, if buying your home won’t be to your advantage, we’ll inform you. We have worked with home sellers in extreme real estate issues and delivered in each circumstance! Most often, we work with motivated homeowners in need of a quick sale or sell as-is solution! So, if you’ve got problems like foreclosure, fire damage, probate, divorce, upside-down taxes, or mortgage, we can help.


    Let’s assess your property professionally and give a fair cash offer for your house as is. Call Us Today at 510-954-8857 for a no-obligation cash price!

    Meet The Key Members Of Our Team (Owners)

    Matt Stark - Real Estate Investor

    Matt Stark

    Matt grew up in Colorado but relocated to California during his Navy days, stationed in San Diego. In early 2000, he moved to the bay area for work and college. He completed his degree in Marketing in 2006 and launched his marketing agency in 2007. If you can’t find Matt working, he’d be playing golf, shooting pool, or touring with his wife and young son.

    Gagan Saini - Real Estate Investor

    Gagan Saini

    Gagan has spent his entire life in California. After high school, he immediately pursued a career in law enforcement. He left law enforcement to join the family business in logistics. From there, he found a passion for sales. In a matter of 3 years, he helped grow the company to multi-millions per year in gross revenue. He sold his stake in that company to enter the world of real estate investing. In Gagan’s off time, he loves spending time with his family and friends.

    Why We Are Different

    This buy houses for cash company is owned and operated by two families. We started the company to provide homeowners with the best, trustworthy home selling solutions. This pushes us to go the extra mile always.

    Many homeowners can make more money from selling through real estate agents. Hence, we are honest enough to let you know the best of all your options. Driven by a burning desire to deliver a satisfactory service, we stay true to all our promises.

    Best Cash Home Buyer Team In California

    Our Service Areas

    Our range covers Riverside, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and all cities/areas in California. Simply put, we are your typical NorCal and SoCal home buyers. Sell your home fast without closing costs, repair costs, or commissions anywhere in California.  Check the video below for more info

    Sell My House California As-Is, Where-Is, Irrespective of The Condition

    Alongside aptly deciphering the solutions needed, we pay more for cash home sales. Similarly, we retain a remarkable level of client affinity and fair dealing.  We extend exceptional client service to each seller without considering the deal’s conditions and circumstances. And, of course, a quick turnabout without any charge! Our zeal to help homeowners is almost unmatched by other houses for cash companies. By working with each client personally, we provide tailor-made cash buyer services to each homeowner. If you are weary of any real estate issue and have looked for solutions to no avail, we can help!  We want to help you get “for sale” off your house! Ready to give the premier property buyers in California a try?  Hit us up.

    Our Guarantee To Help “Sell My California House” Fast

    We are not Realtors; we are Real Estate Investors, so we don’t use the MLS. As such, we buy houses for cash. Our home buying process is nothing like estate agents, where there is no assurance you’d sell even after cleaning, repairing, or hosting showings. 

    We buy ugly houses at a discount, perform all necessary repairs, and sell them for a profit. After we offer a fair price, we can accommodate some light negotiation before we finalize our offer and the closing date.

    Whether you are in Southern California or Northern California, we’ve got you covered!

    What To Expect From Us When Your Sell My House Fast

    integrity Integrity – We will always recommend what is best for you and your family. We will never take advantage of your situation or prey on your circumstances as some cash companies would.

    customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction – We want to ensure you, the seller gets an A+ experience from us. We want to do an excellent job for you and love receiving positive reviews for our services. Our reputation is everything to us. That’s how we’ve stayed relevant despite the number of houses for cash companies out there!

    Transparency Transparency – It’s either white or black with us! You’ll know what to expect. The only surprise you may encounter is our ability to exceed your expectations– in a good way, of course!

    Sell Fast To The Top Cash Home Buyers

    We’ll also keep it professional and honest because our reputation is everything. Our team also anticipates issues and addresses them promptly to avoid any delays. No matter what you are dealing with, we buy houses California! Most times, we can recommend a great agent if that’s what you need. Not every call is a deal, but every call is an opportunity to help someone, and we’d love to help! We are a “buy houses company” that enjoys helping people. Hence, we always go the extra mile or two to ensure your situation is resolved as simply and efficiently as possible so you can get back to your life!

    Reach out today for a fair cash offer!